Artwork and design

Will Artforme do the design for me or do I need to source a graphic designer?

We have our own graphic designer and can create artwork from your ideas or work from your artwork.

I’m a designer/artist and want to get my illustrations/designs printed as prints/posters, can Artforme do this?

Yes. Please take into account our largest sheet size is oversize A4 (320mm x 230mm). If your artwork has commercial potential and you would like Artforme to sell your products, we would definitely like to talk to you.

I’m a graphic designer that is always looking for different products for my clients, does Artforme work directly with graphic designer agencies?

Yes. We have good working relationships with a number of design studios and work collaboratively to create products that will work well in letterpress and will delight your clients. We offer studio tours to design students and interested designers – by appointment only.

Do you print in CMYK or Pantone (PMS) colours?

Normally just PMS colours, although there is no reason why work cannot be reproduced in four colour process via letterpress. This is ideal for those looking for a retro look.

How do I set up my artwork files for letterpress?

Letterpress printing does have specific artwork requirements. Visit our artwork page for information on how to set up artwork files for letterpress.

How am I going to select colours accurately for my stationery?

We can meet to agree your preferred colours or send you a Pantone colour book when you have accepted our quote and decided to proceed with printing. You can select from nearly 1,000 colours – just send the book back to us in the express post envelope provided when you have selected your colours.


Do you have minimum/maximum order quantities?

Most wedding stationery quantities are from around 30 upwards, so low quantities are no problem. There are no maximum quantities.


Do you deliver anywhere in Australia?


Do you deliver internationally?


Production times

How long will it take for my tailor made stationery (wedding/event/corporate stationery) to be printed and delivered?

Normally around 8-10 working days from receipt of approved artwork.

How long will it take for my off the shelf stationery to be delivered?

Orders are processed within 2 working days from receipt and payment (providing items are in stock). Delivery times depend on the destination.

Paper and Materials

What paper stocks do you use?

We use a range of smooth or textured stocks including 100% cotton stocks and boards with a recycled content. Contact us if you would like to see printed samples.

What is gsm and how do I know what to pick?

GSM is the abbreviation of ‘grams per square metre’ which is one measurement used to describe and specify stocks. Bulky 600gsm, 100% cotton stocks are popular as are textured stocks. These tend to show off the deep letterpress impression well. Contact us for advice on the best stock for your stationery and if you would like to see printed samples.


Why would I use Artforme when there are cheaper, digital alternatives?

Clients use Artforme when they want elegant stationery for their wedding, stationery with visual and tactile appeal for their business or traditionally printed stationery for personal use.

Why can’t I get an instant quote for wedding stationery?

Every couple’s requirements are different. After receiving your enquiry, we may contact you to discuss your wedding stationery ideas – so that we know exactly what you are looking for. During that discussion we may suggest alternatives and options, to enhance your stationery or save money, then agree the printing specifications as the basis for providing you with firm prices. We can also provide you with samples if requested.

You can expect to receive your wedding stationery printing quotation no more than two working days after we agree specifications.