Our Process

Important information to help you when preparing artwork for letterpress printing.

1. Preparing artwork

For most work, artwork files need to be created using spot colours – not four colour process (CMYK) or RGB (red, green, blue). InDesign or Illustrator files are preferred. Alternatively, high resolution (300dpi or greater) pdfs with crop marks are acceptable as long as they are set up in spot colour.

Line weights should be no less than 0.5pt. If you are considering printing in four colour process or using halftones or duotones, please contact Artforme to discuss.

2. Saving and sending your file

Save your file in InDesign, Illustrator or pdf format and email to Artforme using the email address on the Contact page. If your total file size is greater than 5mb, send a zipped file or alternatively upload the file(s) via Dropbox.

3. File upload via Dropbox

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Need help?

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